Children’s education service robot 

 Service content  

Conceptual design, product planning, ID design, interaction design,
user experience design, structural design and other services


Product slod in well-known channels, received very good feedbacks,
 the client reviced investment and financing 10 million.

In modern Chinese family, the parents always don’t have much time
in nursing the young children, the baby sitter or their grandma/grandpa take the jobs,
this which is not good as the grandma/grandpa always spoil the kids.

According to children’s intellectual development level,
KEEKO robot develop corresponding educational and entertainment content,
make KEEKO best companioner robot of your child.

KEEKO has powerful sensor system, make it more intelligent,
and automative. It can interactive with your baby independently.

KEEKO is best companionor for your child,
it based on the combation of artificial intelligence and
Taiwan advanced brain and the education system.KEEKO have strong motion mechanism
and sensor system, it can walk, talk, feel and play with your child.